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The final episode of the acclaimed Fantasy Battle -series will be held this summer 12. August - 14. August 2011 at the same venue and surrounding woods as the first and second parts (Härkälinna, Hauho, near Hämeenlinna, 140km from Helsinki). "Fantasy Battle III - The Last Seal" is a scenario based padded-weapon fighting event with some LARP-elements, NPC-characters and a fantasy back-story. After the main battles, there will be all sorts of programmes, tournaments and special treats: wrestling, live music, archery, trollball, saunas, dancing, war machine firing and how knows what! To sum up, Fantasy Battle is a bucket load of fun!

Contact information

If you would like to participate in the event and don't understand Finnish, or would like to recieve more information, please contact one of the head organizers, either Pekka keisari_P[]hotmail.com or Mikko mikkoniv[]gmail.com


The world was laid to waste almost a millenia ago in the long forgotten battles of Magicka Wars. In the end, magic was sealed by gods of the Trinity as they left the mortal realm. Much is forgotten and buried in time, but the temptation for ultimate power, power that the gods of the Trinity installed and finally sealed, is ever present.

Last summer a seemingly noble campaign was lauched by a Lumenorian warlord Lucius to protect his fellow humans, the Norretian barbarians, against a tide of orcs. In reality Lucius was with ancient and malicious forces. After a millenia of isolation even the mysterious elves and the enigmatic undead showed interest towards the secrets buried deep in the woods of Härkälinna. Camorran Oracle was the first to find something of value, but was slain and lost whatever she found to the undead. In desperation elves and men destroyed a barbarian deity before it was corrupted by the undead.

Something went horribly wrong and an Angel, sealed in the Magicka Wars by the gods themselves, entered this plane. That instant the world went mad: holy places started to shimmer a gloom green glow and benevolent spirits transformed into arcane horrors. Even more worryingly, Angel can tap to the dreams and subconscious of man, and make them real. Unfortunetly dreams can fast become nightmares. The unstopable Angel seems to be the catalyst to the end of the world... or just end to world as ignorant ones know it? Is the Angel going to reveal the illusive Truth.. could something new, better, arise?

The setting isn't very strict about what can or cannot excist and players are encouraged to use their imagination as they see fit. Only races and equipment clearly out of the "traditional fantasy world" are forbidden.

The Factions

Lumenor (the vanguard of humanity)
Against the tide of darkness only one human enclave still stands: legendary City of Light, Lumenor. They say, as long as the fire burns at the highest tower of Lumenor, there is still hope.

Covenant (the southern warriors)
From the scorching deserts and vast jungles of the South rise the fanatical troops of Covenant. According to their seer the key to save their land from the horrors of the past lies in the North.

Deamons (the harbringers)
Deamons first appeared in Camorra, once a proud human city state and a trade center. Something allowed the Angel to make an appearance there and twist the reality to something from one's worst nighmare.

Norretia (the barbarians)
Norretian deity is gone and high-shaman is out for revenge. In this state of affairs Norretian warriors are receptive to promises of power darkness whispers to their ears.

Orcs (the greenskins)
Stories say that orcs were created by the magical flames of Magicka Wars, some by being in the wrong place at the wrong time and some deliberately to fight, apparently with the Angel, since they now are so eager to follow it.

Undead (the enigma)
The 103.Division, commonly known as the undead, are still waiting for their orders, from whom, is anybody's guess. It seems that the Angel is the only link to their forgotten past and purpose.


- Hitpoints and armor pool, close to the Estonian-system
- Fantasy healing
- NPC-characters: army leaders, characters found in the scenarios, etc.
- Fantasy setting, hence no historical restrictions for weapons and equipment
- Special rules for special units